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You come home and press the button to open your garage door. The door goes up and you park your car. You press the button again to close it. And nothing happens. Strange! You press it again. The door starts to close, but stops halfway down the track. Perhaps at this point it reverses, or it may stay halfway between open and closed. Whatever the specific scenario may be, the overall issue remains the same: your garage door will not close. This can be especially annoying if you’ve just returned from a long day at work or you are returning late at night. Your garage can house some expensive equipment in addition to your car. Many people have expensive tools and bicycles stored in their garages – items that are easy for someone with ill intentions to walk away with. So getting the garage door closed as soon as possible is of paramount importance. Here are some reasons why your garage door may not be closing, and some methods you can employ yourself to troubleshoot the issue.

McDonough Garage Door Installation - McDonough, GA 30252Issue: Garage door closes part way and then reopens

There could be various reasons why this is happening. To start, check the garage door tracks and make sure they are free from any obstruction. The obstruction could be something small, even a twig or a leaf can be enough to cause the door to not operate correctly. If the door is not closing due to obstruction, the obstruction can usually be found near the top of the track. The fix would be simple – simply remove the obstruction.

Another cause for this issue could be the limit switches on your opener unit. If the unit has been bumped or shaken, it is possible that the switches have become loose. To fix this, get a ladder and climb up to the unit (bring a screwdriver with you). Use your screwdriver to adjust your limit screws (check if the unit operates correctly after each adjustment). This should fix the problem.

If none of the above works, you may be dealing with a bent or warped track. This can be caused by weather fluctuations. While you can fix this yourself, most people would contact a reputable professional so as to avoid any permanent damage to your garage door tracks.

Issue: Garage door gives problems when trying to close with remote

Usually if someone is having this issue, they have checked the wall switch (and the door is working correctly with the use of the wall switch). If that is the case, you can feel confident that your remote is the issue. When dealing with garage door opener remote issues, the first place to take action is with the batteries in the remote. Change the batteries and see if the remote will work correctly. Another reason the remote may not be working is dirty remote eyes. Take some alcohol on a cloth and clean the remote eyes on the remote itself and the receiver. If none of this works, it may be time to consider getting a replacement remote. Most home improvement stores carry the major brands. If your brand of remote is not available, a universal remote may do the trick.

Another option is to replace the receiver (which would then come with a new remote). This type of job should be done by a qualified garage door technician in McDonough. The receiver may be built into the opener itself. However, a professional can open the unit and replace the receiver. Or, your service technician can open the unit and remove the receiver. The new receiver can be mounted separately. The benefit of having the job done this way is that the receiver can be mounted closer to the door, which will help you get better reception from outside.

Issue: Garage door will not respond to remote or wall switch

If this is happening to you, the issue is most likely with your opener’s power source. Your first course of action is to make sure the opener is plugged in. Next you’ll want to check your circuit breaker to make sure you don’t have a blown fuse. Usually one of these fixes will correct your power source issue. If you have a garage door opener that is battery operated, you will want to change the batteries to see if that brings power back to the unit.

Issue: Safety sensors

As a safety measure, all garage doors manufactured had to include certain safety measures. One of those measure is sensors. Garage door sensors are usually found at the bottom of the door (on either side of the door). Both sensors should be emitting light at all times. If you notice one of your sensor lights is off, or blinking it can mean one of two things. Either the sensor eyes are not aligned (which would cause the door to malfunction). If this is the case, you can usually move the sensors yourself to realign them. Once the sensor emits a light that stays on, you know it is realigned.  Another issue could be that the sensor light is blinking. This will happen if there is something in between the sensors’ path that is triggering the sensor. Take a look around and move anything that may be in the sensors path. If you find that your sensors are continuously getting misaligned, this can be due to dust, pollen or wind that interferes with the sensors each time you open your door. It’s a good idea to clean your sensor lenses from time to time. If your garage door track vibrates a lot, the vibration could cause the sensors to jostle out of position. If this is the case, your tracks may need to be reinforced with brace, or the sensor screws may need to be tightened.

Hopefully these tips will help to correct any issues you are having. If you are not comfortable doing repairs yourself, you can always call a professional to help you. If you are in the McDonough, GA community and are looking for help, please give us a call. McDonough Garage Door Repair is here to help with any problems you may be having with your garage door system. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation over the phone. Give us a call!


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